Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in review aka my attempt at Sainthood

I blame the children.  There is a certain amount of latitude in being able to blame your kids, particularly when you have 3 and they are of wayyyyy different ages and stages...
Really it started with Lilly's bday celebrations over the weekend, remember I'm all for spending time with the ex in the name of healthy children. 

Then Emmy had a doctor's appointment with her orthopedic specialist (my kid has one leg longer than the other AND flat feet--fahreeeekeeee fun kid) and of course we both want to hear what he has to say about that.  Plus it gave me the opportunity to put the Bean in a drawer instead of a corner wink wink...

In addition, the ex is moving this week.  (important deets--he has zippo friends and drives a honda)  My delovely dad left me his truck and permission to help him move (let it be know that this apple doesn't fall far from the tree as my awesomesauce pops would have been in the thick of it helping as well)  So yep dear bloggy pals, I have been helping move boxes of crap stuff and furniture all week!
Lessons learned/reminded of--

he is a oh so much stuff
this girl does not like moving, not even a little
this girl should purge her own stuff, because moving a lot of stuff you never use just makes you feel dirty and madmadmad! Granted some of said anger is related to helping an 'ex' move I'm certain of that.

but the best lesson is--Hooray that that part of my life is further and further behind me--yippee skippee! I think I deserve some sort of prize for getting through this and being extra nice to him all week--it was emotionally draining and reinforcing of good choices at the same time...

Other Yippees worth mention--
The doc says Em is doing great and will have a developed arch within a year or so (thanks to pinkalicious orthotics she wears)
I fit into a smaller size jeans this week!
I'm packing for vacay right after I finish this (if I can tear myself away from more blog stalking)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Strike a Bowl!

Would the offspring of this SWIM girl be fish? guppies? crabs? ooooh maybe that one...

To avoid the after school/pre-dinner crabbing, I took my fav threesome bowling (I bought a bunch of groupons for it, and once again waited until they were almost expired)

It was epic! there were bumpers! balls dropped on toes! angry beans, not to be confused with their fav ipad game angry birds...

Some of my favorite moments...

Gary teaching ball throwing

sometimes you have to wait a long time for your ball to come and go...
realizing that my teenager is such an almost man
of course we tend to be a bit non-traditional here, so we put our own twist on throwing the ball...

LB got a strike!

SWIM style bowling 'shoes'

this spinning is wayyyyyyy better than spinning at the gym!

one full blown melt-down over Gary going to unstick her ball, which the management wasn't too happy with either...

In the end, we prolly stayed a wee bit too long (2 hours) but they had a great time 

Cookin' SWIM style

**Pay no attention to the first word of this post's title**
this is so not the place to read if you're looking for some new and exciting recipes or tips on cooking, the blog world is so full of that, who am I to crowd them? really I'm just not much of a cook.  I enjoy baking--exact measurements are right up this neurotic girl's alley, but a pinch of this or just the statement 'add salt & pepper' makes me yearn for the fetal position or take out chinese.

Anywho, I have a goal set in my life.  On that set list learning to cook has landed a special spot near the top of the weekday evening dance card.  Why why why I wonder sometimes, considering getting my children to got to bed without whining already has the impossible spot on said card...

(suddenly the idea of crafting a giant dance card seems much more appealing)

So tonight we are cooking a recipe from another blog--Chicken Enchiladas by way of Thrifty Mom.  I have nada to add to the recipe, it seems straight forward enough.  Although the things that fah---reak me out...

-it says to cook on medium--uh hello, my crock pot only has high and low! What to do? (I used the phone a friend option)
--it says add chicken and cheese to the tortillas--um, this girl would like to know exactly how much--I don't want to not have enough or too much at the last tortilla! (I am not a big fan of nachos because of the challenge of the cheese to chip ratio working I crazy, do you feel like this too?)

I had the little ladies 'help' me make these.

  You can see the wisk turn into an airplane...

Then Em was sniffling and wiping her nose--I told her, don't wipe your nose with your hands while your cooking!  Go get a tissue...she replied...don't worry Mommy, I already got it all off...yummo... 

The thought really is that if they help make it they're more likely to eat it right?  Well you can guess how well that turned out...

According to Lilly Bean this is how they feel about them (They are actually quite tasty!)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pleasant Planting

Fun facts about me--
I am a shopper, luckily I like junky thrift stores.
I am mebbe a wee lil bit impulsive...
I am a member of the catalyst for impulsive shopping--Groupon...and Living Social...

I DO NOT have a green thumb...

(I really like the ellipsis...sue me...)

so I bought some cheap plant action and of course it just sat there in my inbox.  Finally, last weekend I went and bought some plants! Yippee!  Don't even ask how many circles I made around the nursery trying to look concerned with 'good' plants...even though I was really looking for something that wouldn't just keel over in the first month...
Anywho, enter in hearts and flowers...ohh, ahh...all together now...if you read past the first paragraph your ADD is better than mine.  I like it because it looks shiny :) and it is 'hardy' so mebbe I won't kill it like that plant that was there before it.

I planted them this morning, I was going to wait for the little ladies to help after school, but it's just too darn hot!

I dug forrrrrrevvvverrrr...can you tell...unimpressive I know...

planted those suckers...

ain't they purty?

like my octo watering system--yes that's official verbage

I hope they grow!  Oh and I have 2 more certificates to the nursery to use before Sunday...Yikes! Anyone wanna help a sister out with some planting and shopping for planting things...crickets...

Monday, September 26, 2011


It was Lilly's Birthday weekend!  My little bean was officially 3 at 1257p yesterday.  She was my only afternoon birth, perhaps that's why she has so much spunk?!  We actually had two parties.
what's behind the sheet?! A Dollhouse that rawks!
wishes can ONLY be made with a big bro's help

One with G and G (Grandma and Grandpa) before they went on their road trip and another yesterday with our 'modern family.'  Our family is the offspring, this girl, my boi child's good friend with an 'interesting' home life and dun dun dun--the ex!

 I feel it's important to spend holidays for the kidlets together. It wasn't as awkward as you'd think.  I mean hello--there was ice cream cake involved! Everything is better with that--even though they cost an arm and a leg!
Emmy drew her a lovely card!
crowns and cake don't play well together
Lilly Bean you are an amazing little girl--

you love to play
 in the most free spirited way,
 you make everyone smile no matter the circumstance although you can produce a pout from just a glance!
(And it still seems like this pic was just yesterday!)
 I love getting to be your Mom!

 A good time was had by all!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Confession

The following is a true story...

Important deets
--my girls share a room, although the younger, Lilly Belle (affectionately Bean or LB), is the night owl
--LB also loves to play with water

Lilly said she didn't have to go potty this evening.  I knew that she did, but knowing they get up at least once every night, I figured she'd go then (read I was too tired to argue with the best of baby bickerers)

And lo and behold, the door creeeeeeked open within moments of the last kisses...

Turns out LB had an accident (siggggghhhhhh) her big sister happily tattled on her (another sigggghhh).  Ah well, I put a towel on it, changed her undies, tucked them back in and closed the door again...they stayed (hooray!)

I went up to kiss them while they sleep (one of my favorite pastimes) and the towel is missing.  Hmmmmmm, ahhh there it is.  Wrapped around a baby Ariel.  Ok. Pick it up.  It's quite wet..ummm okay.  She didn't have that big of an accident...a quick glance around the room shows that the 'pee towel' was dipped in the nighttime drinking glass and then used to bathe and swaddle the baby.  Oh pee towel how useful you are!
 Ay yi yi!

The real question is--do you suppose she drank out of the cup after dipping the towel in it?

Entitlement of the S in Me

Funny how when I was typing that I didn't realize it would spell Sin!  hahaha

What I mean by it is that as a Single mom, I think I should get certain things entitled to me.  Like little get out of jail free cards--or maybe really big get out of jail free cards!  First, let's discuss all things timely.

I am a big believer in being on time.  I hate to wait I hate to be late.  I am always telling the offspring hurry hurry, we're late we're late for a very important date.  But really instead of being a crazy white rabbit hopping around after three kids that are suddenly turtles, I think that when I arrive at said destination 10-15 minutes later than planned--I should get to hand over my little 'freebie late' card with a grin and a click of my heels...

Emmy went to her first sleepover for a little girl's pirate birthday party.  The invitation stated to please pick-up your child by 10a the next day. I arrived at 956a.  Not so bad right? Of course, she was the last one there! And I had to apologize to the lovely parents that were probably quite fried from having 5 four to six year olds in their house for many hours...

And then there is the arriving someplace where Lilly the bean doesn't have her shoes on or her hair brushed...the card would be the perfect thing, no words necc...

within 5 minutes of arriving at this event she was trying to be the streaker she was born to be, luckily I convinced her to keep the shorts on...I need a card for clothing optional as well I suppose...

Or maybe, I could stop worrying about being on time and just arrive like the celebrity I was meant to be ;) Speaking of late, I'm late.right.nooooowwww!


Today is kind of a random day.  Trying to set up a new routine isn't easy...

I need some pics for this post???

my biggest help, my parents, have gone off on a two week road trip--like a couple of college kids sheesh!

my baby is about to be three, although she'll tell you she's going to be five...time flies way too fast. There she is almost exactly a year ago...

she still gives this stink eye--all.the.time
I have a hard time keeping my house clean, I could use some serious motivation. Thoughts?

I'm eating some Halloween candy, is it too early?  Too early to break out the decorations? Hmmmm...

Why is it that healthy food doesn't fill me up and junk food makes me feel like a cow after the immediate gratification?

I really like immediate gratification--so leave me a comment would ya? Oh and here are the other two from a year ago :)