Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Makin' Stuff: Turkey Cupcakes!

I went to Zumba today. Oh how I love Zumba! The teacher at the Y is awesomesauce! She rawks!  I felt so energized (and wooo-ooorked out) after class. 
I had promised to take the ladies to the store for cookies. Add those two factors together and waddaya get?
Turkey cupcakes--Duh!
Not that it had anything to do with the ladies having a feast at their school tomorrow and my unnecessary, neurotic pressure on myself to make something groovy to take...

can you guess which egg bean destroyed with her bare hands cracked?

the girls love to 'help' in the kitchen, but

they hate to wait (side note: do you remember that ad campaign from the 80s?  My grandpa was hilarious and would always draw on those ads and send them to me)

we hhaaaaadd to sample after the bath

I had found this idea on the ever awesome pinterest, there they were made with candy eyes, but I just used gel food coloring that I already had, easy peasy!

I couldn't find candy corn in the store anymore (also from the pinspiration) so I used reese's pieces.  They were cute, but didn't stick in the oreos very well...

 Also, I think it works better on larger cupcakes, some of the smaller ones fell apart--boo

I think they came out darn cute!  Although, someone did ask me if they were chickens?!  Yikes!
 I guess they are both birds? 

Happy almost Turkey Day!!! May you be blessed and surrounded by those special to you!


  1. adorable! Before I clicked on this I thought you were blogging about stuffing muffins! I know I am tired when I cant even read a title correctly haha! WTG Momma!

  2. Those are ADORABLE!!! I agree with Jess... WTG Momma!!!


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