Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Wow this year is going fast!

I missed the girls' party at school so I can't wait to see them in their costumes tonight.  
Emmy's First Halloween

Sometimes I feel so bogged down with my 'career' and like what to blog about when I'm working?  Can it really be interesting?  Hmmmm, one of the 'talent' did get really upset with me, to the point where he wanted to get me 'fired' hahaha, he didn't like that I held the purse strings. That and a haaauuuuge lack of sleep defined my work week.  
First Halloween candy--she was MAD when I took it away
I also got to spend some time with one of my favorite peeps in the whole wide world while I was gone, so that made up for missing the kiddies.
LB's first Halloween--can you tell how much she loved her costume?
We get a lotlotlot of trick or treaters.  I love all the costumes.  There's plenty of kids not even dressed up, but heck they need their sugar fix too right?  Actually this year I'm not doing candy, I have toy treats instead.  

Happy day before dia de los muertos to you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Location Blogging

I'm working out of town in Tucson all's hard to keep up with blogging when you are working crazy hours and long days.
 I thought I'd share some of my iphone pics that I just lurve!
the best way to learn to get a college education
 he's digging ditches!

light and dark at work

silly hat!

<3 this car
this is our picture vehicle on this week's shoot.  It's a schweeeet Chrysler 300x

lots of stow-n-go
this is more like the type of ride we have at my humble abode :)



I am so lucky to have such great babies!  I miss them this week!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Argyle Felt Wreath from a Neurotic Crafter

I fell in love with wreath I saw on pinterest.!  And knew I had to have it.  It seemed the perfect project to get myself off the click-fest and have a craft-fest. (are ya with me, it is so easy to waste away pinning and skip to doing?!)
now there are 436758 tutorials out there for how to make one of these yarn wreaths!  Dontcha hate it when you think you have a creative idea and it turns out it's been-there-done-that on some blog from 2008! Yikes!  (Actually the creativity online never ceases to amaze me...)
It's super easy--get yourself some yarn, wrap it around a wreath form, slap on some felt diamonds, wrap some more yarn, add some felt flowers and an owl! Voila! end of there's more!

Anywho, here are my random tips--since I'm a bit neurotic, I like it when there are some extra details...
as you're wrapping don't worry about it getting messy, bumpy or imperfect

if you've got a nice rhythm going and they yarn 'spreads' don't worry about it!

you just push it down as you go!

the easiest way to get the yarn on is to hold it close to the wreath and to use the piece of yarn that comes out of the center.
I still had some little stinker knots, is there some secret knitting language way of dealing with these knots that appear out of nowhere?  I need to know these things peeps!
finito product! this takes a looooonnnnggg time. there are not enough o's in there--we're talking a
 full-sleeve-of-oreos-long here peeps...
there are some spaces 'missing' yarn, but again--don't worry about it, the felt will fix that in a jiffy :)

 Felt time! Woohoo, felt is so fun

Fold a felt sheet into fourths 
cut the diamond out--can you tell by now, the neuroses of crafting it 'right' has gone away...
Attach the felt diamonds, yarn...

flowers and the owl..It's especially fun if you have little helpers to make owls with you

this one is Emmy's, Lilly's was great too but she must have eaten it or taken it to bed or something...

The thing to remember, that it's easy to craft!  It is way better late night endorphins than those silly oreos!
Even if you're neurotic about getting it 'right' like me...I really love the perfectly imperfect owls the girls made...

This is a loooonnnggg post, so we'll chat more about the felt flowers later (but if you're just that eager, there are 435786 tutorials for those too!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

**we interrupt this post**

to bring you the invasion of our humble abode
by aliens!!!
do not be fooled by this innocent look!

she may or may not have also brought the zombie apocalypse...

are you skeeeerrrrredddd?!

do not fret...

it's nothing a good hug can't fix!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Important Monday Things

we got some new pumpkins--pun-nins as the Bean says

what's with the warted ones?  They're my new fav, not sure they're suited for carving, but we can make some more avant Gourde art ;)
we almost ate yogurt for dinner

we had a nice discussion about all the different things we could do with them

After the pumpkin/yogurt fest, I went to see a sweet baby boy that was just born today

isn't he adorable!

btw, this is Emmy's betrothed...glad to see he's got a nice paternal instinct

he doesn't look like it, but he's a long lean bean

he and I are pals already

sweet family

so proud

Oh how I love him...makes me want another--only for a second...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random week in Review

We got some pumpkins!  yay!  I love those big orange orbs! Since it's too early to carve them, they became an art funny...
she painted all.over.herself...I think there may still be some purple in her hair...
she has figured out how to take pics with my iPhone :)

This is the one she took! Isn't it nice?!
they are now the 'centerpiece' on our table where we craft, because there's no room 
I like to think of these pumpkins as art--yanno Avant Gourde ;)

we watched Toy Story (and ignored the laundry)

Lookie Lookie!  We got some bunnies!
We actually got two sister (phew to no babies!) bunnies.  Really I should say rabbits, because they are two big girls. A good friend works at Petco where they had been given up, so we adopted them! 
 I am a little crazy I think, there are now 3 of the under-18 set and 3 of the four-legged set in the house. And I'm the only one that is neither! Yikes, am I outnumbered or what?  Who signed me up for this single adult thing!?
 (wanna feed my Evita-esque ego and be a follower? sign up right over there-----> 
and I'll give you candy or stickers or something!)

Disney aDoration!

I meant to post this sooner, this week just got away from me (darn the whole having to work everyday thing!) Here are some final pics from our trip. 
 On our last full day, it poured!  And not AZ rain, crazy bounce off the sidewalk and back up into your face cooooold rain!  As we ventured out, I kept thinking, why oh why am I pushing a stroller through this?  Needless to say, I hardly pushed the photo button with my chilled cold wet fingers!
 Also, I love having a big camera, but at DL I really yearn for a pocket sized one (besides my phone) to just pull out and snap a few--any ideas on quality itty bitty cameras?

love the Dumbo ride, no likey the long line--we always try to get this one out of the way early!

for those of you that have seen my childhood pics, does the whole making faces thing seem familiar ;)

my girls don't like having their pic taken, what is WrOnG with them?  Are they really mine?!

Are you done yet mom?

doesn't it look like they are stuck on Mickey?!

this Mickey was actually really sweet, making sure to really 'look' each of the ladies, which you don't always get in the rush of character greeting

we were the last fam before Minnie had to leave to run errands--yay us!

I love how they redo the haunted mansion into Nightmare before Christmas

Guess who hopped the fence to sit on a pumpkin?  Oops!

We had such a great visit, of course the day we left the weather was beautiful!  Means we have to go back soon, yes?
On the way home, we were making great time and got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere! Yikes!  We actually had some fun waiting for AAA in the desert.
It was such a memorable trip, we love you DL!  See you soon!