Thursday, October 6, 2011

Injured--Bean Down Bean Down!

Less than two days before we left on our trip we had a guppy down for the count!

Yup, her first stitches!  She got into a fight with a bowling ball and the ball kept a chunk of her chin as proof.

You see...while I was with Gman, watching some swooshing...

the little ladies went bowling with their dad (another groupon usage--are you surprised in the least? and yes, me facilitating the quality time... but hey, at least the quality time was had)

my little bean ended up with four stitches, not so bad really.  Her dad had a really hard time with it, in fact I thought the doc was going to have to give him something to get through the stitches.
  Me? notsomuch...considering I counted how many I've had in my thirty odd years while we were waiting for the anesthetic to kick in and have you gotta guess as to how many? over 60! Yup!  Wacky right! Seven once without any anesthetic--there's a good story there for sure...

I was proud of her getting through it relatively calmy (in the just-turned-three-calm of course) granted they wrapped her in a sheet like a burrito and 'hid' her face with a  paper cover (like they have at the dentist to catch your spit!) to make the stitching easier.
Not sure if she'll have a big scar, but under her chin is not very noticeable dontcha think?

Does it make me a less sympathetic mother to not worry that she had to go through all that at such a young age?  I think it strengthens her and I tell ya what, she is one tough cookie!

The next day we went back to the nursery

so I could use yet another online deal coupon, and she seemed as perky and full of life as one point she attempted to tug one of their very large carts down the aisle, fell over, ended up covered in debris...she stood up, hands on her hips and boogied around the cart, so that she could 'order' her big bro to take it instead...

Lessons learned:
 1-facing a stressful situation with the ex factor is not terrible
2-rushing to use up a nursery coupon the day before you leave on a trip equals a terrible idea--the plants are still waiting to be planted this weekend...
3-oh and all these pics from my iprecious iphone don't look terrible on here--prepare yourself for more!

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