Sunday, January 22, 2012


I still have lots to blog about for the Xmas vacay, but I keep getting sidetracked--ooh look shiny object!

We had such a swimmingly busy weekend around these parts! 

Friday--G had a game against a really good school.
it moved so fast!

Met some pals for a late dinner.

Saturday I went to a pinned party!  Where we all chose something we'd pinned and made it! 
 I made a melted army man bowl...

and a cowboys and indians one, I'm thinking of making it bigger...

the most fun was making these cookies!  Soooo easy!

Wehad such a good time working on the pins and just playing with different ideas!

 Then my lovely ladies had their first visit to build-a-bear.  I haven't been there in ages, which means I had no idea that it is insanely a wee bit crowded on a Saturday afternoon.

Today was a laundry war while watching some guys in tight pants wage war over a ball...
Seriously, where do the socks go? Do you ever feel like just buying new ones instead of matching them?

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