Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Belize was beautiful!  Un-belize-ably!  ahhhhk I love that joke!

***warning--massive amount of pics***
 The docks there aren't big enough for the boat to come into, so you have to take a 'tender' or small boat in...

You don't need a script to get drugs there, all the drugs are wayyyyy cheap!  You weren't supposed to take pics, oooopsy daisy!

I didn't buy much, just took lots of pics!

you're supposed to pay her to take a pic with the fancy headdress 

fresh coconut drink anyone?

it was hot and sticky for the day after Christmas!

all the young boys ask for money...

we went on a carriage tour

I like this house

Look it's Handy Manny!

Look Fish!

I really wanted one of those bananas

we wrote on the wall for posterity


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