Thursday, November 3, 2011

Keeping up with the blogses and the eye doc

First thought--It is so hard to stay on top of blogging...

Almost as hard as the shoulder stance in yoga...I went to yoga tonight...yowza--it's way hard than it looks, or maybe it's just me? are you a yogi?

Two blind pumpkins!
We talked about the little ladies going to the eye doctor the other day...and she told us...wait for come back in six months...yeehaw!

On our fun to do list then will be to see if Bean has lazy eye and to see how Em's stigmatism in both, yes both, eyes is doing...

Here's a fun fact for ya--I had lazy eye as a kid!  Booyah!  Got to wear a patch and everything for a few months to make the weak eye stronger!  I beeee-leeeeved I was a pirate!  beee-leeeeved it peeps!  I loved that patch...

Now you have to feel a little bad for me, because...while I make an effort to purchase cahuuute clothes for my children, I was not so lucky.  
My folks were so busy going to school and working (and probably being broke) that I was not the cute-patoot of the pre-school class.  and I had no hair (less than Bean!) and it was the 70s!  I never had a chance!
 What more can I say but arrrrrrrgh!

So funny...
thought I'd show you a sweetie pie outfit and what does iPhoto pull up? 
Yah she's my kid...

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  1. Your girls are too funny. So silly but to be a kid again, that would be awesome.


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