Thursday, October 20, 2011

Argyle Felt Wreath from a Neurotic Crafter

I fell in love with wreath I saw on pinterest.!  And knew I had to have it.  It seemed the perfect project to get myself off the click-fest and have a craft-fest. (are ya with me, it is so easy to waste away pinning and skip to doing?!)
now there are 436758 tutorials out there for how to make one of these yarn wreaths!  Dontcha hate it when you think you have a creative idea and it turns out it's been-there-done-that on some blog from 2008! Yikes!  (Actually the creativity online never ceases to amaze me...)
It's super easy--get yourself some yarn, wrap it around a wreath form, slap on some felt diamonds, wrap some more yarn, add some felt flowers and an owl! Voila! end of there's more!

Anywho, here are my random tips--since I'm a bit neurotic, I like it when there are some extra details...
as you're wrapping don't worry about it getting messy, bumpy or imperfect

if you've got a nice rhythm going and they yarn 'spreads' don't worry about it!

you just push it down as you go!

the easiest way to get the yarn on is to hold it close to the wreath and to use the piece of yarn that comes out of the center.
I still had some little stinker knots, is there some secret knitting language way of dealing with these knots that appear out of nowhere?  I need to know these things peeps!
finito product! this takes a looooonnnnggg time. there are not enough o's in there--we're talking a
 full-sleeve-of-oreos-long here peeps...
there are some spaces 'missing' yarn, but again--don't worry about it, the felt will fix that in a jiffy :)

 Felt time! Woohoo, felt is so fun

Fold a felt sheet into fourths 
cut the diamond out--can you tell by now, the neuroses of crafting it 'right' has gone away...
Attach the felt diamonds, yarn...

flowers and the owl..It's especially fun if you have little helpers to make owls with you

this one is Emmy's, Lilly's was great too but she must have eaten it or taken it to bed or something...

The thing to remember, that it's easy to craft!  It is way better late night endorphins than those silly oreos!
Even if you're neurotic about getting it 'right' like me...I really love the perfectly imperfect owls the girls made...

This is a loooonnnggg post, so we'll chat more about the felt flowers later (but if you're just that eager, there are 435786 tutorials for those too!)


  1. That is soooooo cute. I need to make one stat!

  2. Ooooh, I love this one. I have some purple yarn left over, I think this will be my Christmas one.


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