Monday, October 10, 2011

Hangin' with the Mouse

Well we came to do just know in the Latin sense (and this is a big post in the picture sense--I can't help myself!)
~Veni Vidi Vici~
Veni--You heard some about how we got there...

Vidi--We saw a lot of sights...

Lilly Bean was doing some serious spinning, well sorta... 

 One of the best places to eat in the park is Ariel's Grotto.  Where not only do the adults get yummy food, the ladies get to visit with the princesses!  It's quite fun for kids of all ages! (have I become a crazed Disney fanatic--perhaps!)

'all ages' hehehe

Having two little girls, it's about a lot of princesses...funny how that want to dress up is so pervasive...we have a lot of dress up clothes, which it actually took the girls awhile to get into, but now--now now now--there is no stopping them! That Belle dress has been worn no less than 7 times since...
And as far as Vici goes...really by the end of every day I think the parks had mostly conquered us!

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  1. I love these pictures. The one with the boys is too funny.


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