Friday, November 4, 2011


This week we had an eye doctor appointment, a dentist appointment, trick-or-treating and good ol' fashioned playtime...

Emmy was NOT happy about the vision check-up...Lilly said to her, "don't worry Emmy, I'll be with you the whole time" 

In true form, Lilly was NOT happy about the tooth action...Emmy said, "it's ok Lil, I'll hold your hand while we're there"

collective awwwwwww

The girls were playing and from the kitchen I hear one say to the other--"oooh look, you tied him up Reee-aaallll good!"
The response? "I know!"

sooooo funny they are!

Gary made his JV basketball team this year--here's hoping for a great season!  It's going to be busy around these parts.  Can you believe how close we are to the holiday season!?

I received my first photo book in the mail--swoooooon!  I know peeps have been getting them for years, somehow I'm behind the trend...It is so awesomesuace, I may be gifting books to everyone this year! 
That and I'm already missing Disneyland...silly I know :)

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  1. Awww, seriously love your girls. I want to see this photobook.

    Join me in Disneyland next month. I need a ride buddy.


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