Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Halloween that almost wasn't

Who schedules an eye doctor appointment the afternoon of a candy-filled holiday?  Why this guy right here does!  Such smarts I tell ya!
Really, it had to do with boring things like squeezing it in before the month end, because a certain other person was letting the insurance lapse--but we won't go there, shall we...

Anywho, fast forward past frustration, to getting home after a looooooonnnggg wait, can't someone come up with eye drops that dilate those lil eye balls faster than 30 minutes?
Both of my lovelies were zonked out, and I mean out!  um hello, don't you know it's candy time?!  nothing doing...

after singing and dancing around like a mad woman and even wondering if there were smelling salts in the house...I managed to get them upright, not anywhere near in the right mood though...I think Bean decided to be Snow White, post apple eating...
 Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure

the poison has just started to work here

oooh look, she's taken the bait...

Did you seriously just feed me a bad apple?!
muahahahaha it is my plan to get all the candy!
haha just kidding, your powers won't work on me!

Although having to wait to go trick-or-treating will make me very angry...

these bags shall be filled!
We had a great time.  And sososo many trick or treaters!  I even had some grown men, with no kid, no costume, at the door...I felt like saying, next year you need to at least get yourself a fake baby! 
 Happy November!

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