Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kid crafts: button art fun

Beware, beware, be a very wary bear--the evil pirate pink eye has invaded our house.  Uuugh!
 Both ladies stayed home from school and I'm a blinking moron mama-- paranoid that we'll all be trading it for the next week...
what to do what to do?  Why do a craft of course! It was super simple, though we had a minor glue mishap--that darn Bean can get the lid off of anything...
I pre-painted the canvases yesterday (sans kids)

don't forget to paint the sides
 I let the ladies pick anything they wanted for me to 'draw' with glue, granted I guided them towards 'bold shapes'
Emmy chose a crown

LB chose a heart

I had planned to use all one color buttons or two different colors, but alas the 'organization' of my buttons is a little lax, so we just used what there was
 The ladies went to town putting the buttons on the glue, such an easy peasy way to make art

We ran out of buttons to fill it all the way in, but I like it how it is

Lilly Bean insisted on drawing on hers...ah well 
up on the wall

here's a wide-ish shot, if you could see what's below...I'd probably curl up in a ball of embarrassment...makin' stuff is just so mucho better than picking up toys dontcha know!
I'm thinking of doing another, or maybe several more... what do you think?

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