Monday, November 14, 2011

the dating 'scene'

Have you seen the scene lately?  
it is certainly chock full o' nuts and colorful characters...

I decided to start dating after some friends encouraged me to get back out there...
 How do you meet peeps today?  Well it seems like online is the way to go.
There is this site--plenty of fish--perhaps you've heard of it?
 On the upside it is to-tall-eee free! It is quite aptly named, as it is a total catch and release dating plan...throwing many a fishy character back!
It's actually great for a woman on there, so many tugs at the net you cast--many lines being thrown at you--ay yi yi! And not just to be punny!

Since there are wayyyy more men on there than women, you do get your choice of all the cahrazzzeeee in your inbox.  Don't get me wrong, there are some nice peeps on there...but the majority seem to be cruising for something else...I have no idea what...winkity wink...

So a free, crazy, dating site was my welcome back into being single...yes, yes it was...

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