Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random week in Review

We got some pumpkins!  yay!  I love those big orange orbs! Since it's too early to carve them, they became an art funny...
she painted all.over.herself...I think there may still be some purple in her hair...
she has figured out how to take pics with my iPhone :)

This is the one she took! Isn't it nice?!
they are now the 'centerpiece' on our table where we craft, because there's no room 
I like to think of these pumpkins as art--yanno Avant Gourde ;)

we watched Toy Story (and ignored the laundry)

Lookie Lookie!  We got some bunnies!
We actually got two sister (phew to no babies!) bunnies.  Really I should say rabbits, because they are two big girls. A good friend works at Petco where they had been given up, so we adopted them! 
 I am a little crazy I think, there are now 3 of the under-18 set and 3 of the four-legged set in the house. And I'm the only one that is neither! Yikes, am I outnumbered or what?  Who signed me up for this single adult thing!?
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and I'll give you candy or stickers or something!)


  1. How about a few finches to go along with it all? I have 3 eggs in the nest with your name on it!

  2. Love the pumpkins, cant wait to see how they carve them.

    Cute bunnies

  3. Great picture Emmy! Are you gonna be a photog like Mommy?


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