Sunday, October 9, 2011

Road Trip

We got up early to drive through the desert.  The kids were all excited to get on the road.  I was surprised how they all got ready so quickly. We had a tasty breakfast at the truck stop Flyin' Js at the's where we stop everytime and fill up.  Funny how people are such creatures of habit isn't it?  Really though, the bathrooms are clean and there are choices of drinks and snacks for all.
One thing I'm excited for is our new family mascot or where's waldo or Sarah-Jules the duck...she's some lovely resin yard art that I picked up at Lowe's to go globe-trotting with us..well at least amusement park hopping :) So expect to see her in quite a few pics from our vacay!

The drive wasn't too painful, we got off the 'planned route' for about 10 minutes, but there's always some way back to a freeway in Cali. As a side note, boy howdy does my boy child need to work on his navigation skillz, they are enough to make you mad...the pitfalls of GPS, he's never really had to read a map in his 15 years!
Our room wasn't ready on arrival so we left our luggage and went into the park.
  First order of business? The new Ariel ride of course! The teen threesome had already made their departure for the fun and fast rides.
I love how Disney does all the styling of rides so well
I think I should do this in my house somewhere...thoughts?

 I was tired from driving alone (one point for the ugh-ness of single parenting) but walking around with the little ladies was actually really fun. 

 We hit up some rides, played in the much for not getting the stitches wet. (side note- frown for no pool time)...

we were super excited to meet Mulan!  We love her movie so much--moms of daughters, there is some great girl power in that flick, so remember to put it in your movie wheelhouse!

The kid section of California Adventure wasn't terribly crowded, we did almost all the rides in less than an hour--love that!

always climbing

this face just cracks me up
we had a great first (half) day in the park...not too crowded, just a wee bit hot and going at our own pace.

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  1. I LOVE these pictures! The girls are just so awesome, like their mother.


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