Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picture Day!

Remember how great picture was day at school? Some guy with greased hair and a cheesey tie telling you to tip your chin, tilt your head,  and now grin?  Ugh...

Really though, I love school pictures...of my brood at least...

Today is that smiling day for the ladies (G$ had his earlier this year).  
The school requested the kids wear 'fall colors' -um ok...I don't really like the dressing requests. As we've talked about, I often put serious thought into what my kidlets are wearing and don't care for parameters.  Alas, my need for them to look cute is well balanced with my desire for them to fit in, so we chose a brown sparkly dress for Bean and a red dress for Birdie. 

I had to run so my mama took some pre-pics for me...her distaste for taking pics fits right in with the ladies' distaste for having their pics taken (really I am related to all of them...)
see how they stare down love the camera

bribery begins...

candy has been promised...
The next two just make me chuckle... 
apparently here, Em is saying how great it is that her nose is red from her cold so it 'matches her dress' lol


They really are such sweet sisters!

I'll have to share the pics when they finally come in...Happy Hump Day to you!

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  1. Aww they are too cute. I hated picture day in school.


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