Sunday, January 8, 2012

Catching up!

I have had a most awesomesauce few weeks!  It's been a whirlwind holiday season and already Christmas seems ages ago.  But in the timeless nature of my unhabitual blogging, I'm giving myself loads of leeway in the timing category...

Anywhooooo, let's see...the last time we were together I was all about Em's bday party. And now I am thinking about 2012 changes and rearranges!  I have of course resolutely told myself I'll blog more regularly (are you rolling your eyes or snickering?!) I have lots to share about our Christmas vacay!  

Key to a happy flight? Noise canceling headphones!
My entire family went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean!  That was my parents' gift to us, they're rockin' dontcha think?

here we go!
We flew in and out of New Orleans, what an interesting city--I'd love to spend more time in the Big Easy!  
all the building in NOLA are beautifully aged

We sailed for two days-- Christmas Eve and Day.  Where we had great fun hanging out as a family and dressing alike...

we are proudly that fam with all matching!

they heart each other--mostly...

The ship had 3000 cruisers and over 600 crew--it's a floating city! With so much going on... 

Four our clan..Cruises are all about eating!
  And boy howdy did we do a lot of that.  

It was a great way for the 10 of us to come back together after being spread out on the ship all day.  

It was nice to be together since my nephew graduates from college this spring and is off to the Air Force for the next chapter of his life, this was our last chance to have guaranteed together time!

The ship dropped anchor in Belize on the day after Christmas...

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