Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Card Fun

I love family photo shoots! love them!

 being the beat of a different drummer peep that I am, I have have have to have a theme for my shoots.  seriously. seeeee-eer-eee-uz-leee...

many of my fb friends post all sorts of lovely, skill-fully photshopped pics of their fam. I would like those pics too, but instead I need to bug my photographer pals to shoot the things I cook up in my head...ahhh good times...and really I love these so much, soooooo mucho!

you'll have to forgive me for having to have sooooo many pics, I actually have close to 300 if ya wanna come to the house and we can ooh and ahhh together?  I'll make you hot chocolate or pour you some vino???

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  1. I love this and I loved your Christmas Card. I wouldnt mind seeing all 300 of them.


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