Sunday, December 18, 2011

Party Madness

Making Emmy's cake was super fun, but when it comes to kid birthday parties....well, they're really not quite my scene. If you know me well enough that seems pretty ironic, since I've dabbed repeatedly in wanting to be a party planner...
It's the whole noisy, over-priced, verrrryyyyy grimy pizza place party scene that I don't like to appear in...Where was her party you wonder?  Good ol' Chuck E Cheese! Yikes!

We invited alllllll the girls in her class, would have like to invite alllll the any kids in her class, but boy howdy is there a mark-up for pizza and tokens at a party.  Spendy, but the whole no-need-to-clean the house before or after, is really quite worth how all over the place in opinion am I in this post?!


is it just me, or is a giant rat in your face a wee bit creepy?

ahhh the coveted crown...

I should have known we were in trouble when our party had more tables reserved than any of the others that day...

I thought is was quite cute how the whole staff goes up and sings and dances and verrrryyyyy entertaining
One thing I really appreciate about the Chuckster, on the way in your hand and your child's hand is order to get out all stamps must be read and match.  They also have cameras on the door.  It makes me slightly less neurotic about letting my kidlets wildly run around...
Anywho, hope you enjoy the pics! I'm still experiencing after shocks that she is o the big five...better known as one whole hand in our house!

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