Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Take the Cake!

***Why yes I am a dweeb and it did take me two weeks to write this post***
Do ya remember how we just had a birthday in the house?
Weee-eeeellllll...under great duress I planned a party for the Em-ster.  Kid parties are so not my scene, but that is not the point of this post. That we will save for another day!  Instead, let's discuss....dun-dun-dun...
the cake!
Emmy's favorite princess is Belle, so of course, we made a Belle Princess cake. 
Ooooohhhhh Yah!
I had big time help from a friend to make (and ahem get motivated) this cake and plan the fete...
but it was uber worth it!
look pearl buttons!

the fondant was not as challenging as I expected, that being said...we did her skirt twice, as the first one slipped right off the actual cake under skirt!

Everything is edible except the actual doll, and her jewels.  A good girl has real jewels...

Yes it's overkill world on the pics, but I was just so proud!  like I had birthed my own baby cake for my real baby cake Emmy!

Oh and it was a rainbow of fun on the inside as well!

I'm dying to try my not so steady hand at a cake decorating class next! Wanna come?

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