Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Confession

The following is a true story...

Important deets
--my girls share a room, although the younger, Lilly Belle (affectionately Bean or LB), is the night owl
--LB also loves to play with water

Lilly said she didn't have to go potty this evening.  I knew that she did, but knowing they get up at least once every night, I figured she'd go then (read I was too tired to argue with the best of baby bickerers)

And lo and behold, the door creeeeeeked open within moments of the last kisses...

Turns out LB had an accident (siggggghhhhhh) her big sister happily tattled on her (another sigggghhh).  Ah well, I put a towel on it, changed her undies, tucked them back in and closed the door again...they stayed (hooray!)

I went up to kiss them while they sleep (one of my favorite pastimes) and the towel is missing.  Hmmmmmm, ahhh there it is.  Wrapped around a baby Ariel.  Ok. Pick it up.  It's quite wet..ummm okay.  She didn't have that big of an accident...a quick glance around the room shows that the 'pee towel' was dipped in the nighttime drinking glass and then used to bathe and swaddle the baby.  Oh pee towel how useful you are!
 Ay yi yi!

The real question is--do you suppose she drank out of the cup after dipping the towel in it?

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