Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The first step is the hardest

A big blank space of paper is something I love to doodle on or make list after list of anything.  Starting here, staring at the blank space feels different.  I want to blog, I yearn to express myself in 0s and 1s like so many others. Doing so will add to my life right?  We shall see.  I read so many blogs and thought come on you! Let's do this!
Anywho, as a single mom that freelances for work I have the opportunity to try out new things all the time.  Crafts, Home projects, Kid things, Randomness.  Ya know life!  Welcome to my life!
My offspring:

aren't they a-door-a-bell! and they're quite interesting at 2, 4, & 15! Why yes there is a coffee break in there.  Oh how I love java...

I'm the one over there in the sidebar ------>

Here we go, hope you come along for the ride!

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