Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cookin' SWIM style

**Pay no attention to the first word of this post's title**
this is so not the place to read if you're looking for some new and exciting recipes or tips on cooking, the blog world is so full of that, who am I to crowd them? really I'm just not much of a cook.  I enjoy baking--exact measurements are right up this neurotic girl's alley, but a pinch of this or just the statement 'add salt & pepper' makes me yearn for the fetal position or take out chinese.

Anywho, I have a goal set in my life.  On that set list learning to cook has landed a special spot near the top of the weekday evening dance card.  Why why why I wonder sometimes, considering getting my children to got to bed without whining already has the impossible spot on said card...

(suddenly the idea of crafting a giant dance card seems much more appealing)

So tonight we are cooking a recipe from another blog--Chicken Enchiladas by way of Thrifty Mom.  I have nada to add to the recipe, it seems straight forward enough.  Although the things that fah---reak me out...

-it says to cook on medium--uh hello, my crock pot only has high and low! What to do? (I used the phone a friend option)
--it says add chicken and cheese to the tortillas--um, this girl would like to know exactly how much--I don't want to not have enough or too much at the last tortilla! (I am not a big fan of nachos because of the challenge of the cheese to chip ratio working I crazy, do you feel like this too?)

I had the little ladies 'help' me make these.

  You can see the wisk turn into an airplane...

Then Em was sniffling and wiping her nose--I told her, don't wipe your nose with your hands while your cooking!  Go get a tissue...she replied...don't worry Mommy, I already got it all off...yummo... 

The thought really is that if they help make it they're more likely to eat it right?  Well you can guess how well that turned out...

According to Lilly Bean this is how they feel about them (They are actually quite tasty!)


  1. When in doubt, phone a friend is your best friend :-)

  2. Mmmmm,yeah, the theory of "the kids eating it better when they helped make it" isn't working around here either! They are totally gung ho about helping, have been for years, not so much about the eating though - unless it's cake, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, pizza or fresh bread type things. But we're really good at math with all the weighing and measuring lol


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