Friday, September 30, 2011

Week in review aka my attempt at Sainthood

I blame the children.  There is a certain amount of latitude in being able to blame your kids, particularly when you have 3 and they are of wayyyyy different ages and stages...
Really it started with Lilly's bday celebrations over the weekend, remember I'm all for spending time with the ex in the name of healthy children. 

Then Emmy had a doctor's appointment with her orthopedic specialist (my kid has one leg longer than the other AND flat feet--fahreeeekeeee fun kid) and of course we both want to hear what he has to say about that.  Plus it gave me the opportunity to put the Bean in a drawer instead of a corner wink wink...

In addition, the ex is moving this week.  (important deets--he has zippo friends and drives a honda)  My delovely dad left me his truck and permission to help him move (let it be know that this apple doesn't fall far from the tree as my awesomesauce pops would have been in the thick of it helping as well)  So yep dear bloggy pals, I have been helping move boxes of crap stuff and furniture all week!
Lessons learned/reminded of--

he is a oh so much stuff
this girl does not like moving, not even a little
this girl should purge her own stuff, because moving a lot of stuff you never use just makes you feel dirty and madmadmad! Granted some of said anger is related to helping an 'ex' move I'm certain of that.

but the best lesson is--Hooray that that part of my life is further and further behind me--yippee skippee! I think I deserve some sort of prize for getting through this and being extra nice to him all week--it was emotionally draining and reinforcing of good choices at the same time...

Other Yippees worth mention--
The doc says Em is doing great and will have a developed arch within a year or so (thanks to pinkalicious orthotics she wears)
I fit into a smaller size jeans this week!
I'm packing for vacay right after I finish this (if I can tear myself away from more blog stalking)

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