Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The 2nd Step

Can't be all that bad...

What's going on in our world this week

The girls are taking a sports class,  you know parents pay some ridiculous fee so a post high schooler can try to get the under 5 set to kick a ball around a field.  It's fairly entertaining really.

The girls.are.not.amused.though. 

 At least Emmy isn't. She'd prefer to hydrate, never to sweat or even 'glisten'

 Lilly on the other hand could be a natural. 

The kid is channeling Mia Hamm as she dribbles the ball down the field.

  Only when it's goal time she collapses in a heap and pouts.  Who knows why, she's two, right?  Soon she'll be three and four and there'll be a new excuse for here inner diva...

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