Monday, September 26, 2011


It was Lilly's Birthday weekend!  My little bean was officially 3 at 1257p yesterday.  She was my only afternoon birth, perhaps that's why she has so much spunk?!  We actually had two parties.
what's behind the sheet?! A Dollhouse that rawks!
wishes can ONLY be made with a big bro's help

One with G and G (Grandma and Grandpa) before they went on their road trip and another yesterday with our 'modern family.'  Our family is the offspring, this girl, my boi child's good friend with an 'interesting' home life and dun dun dun--the ex!

 I feel it's important to spend holidays for the kidlets together. It wasn't as awkward as you'd think.  I mean hello--there was ice cream cake involved! Everything is better with that--even though they cost an arm and a leg!
Emmy drew her a lovely card!
crowns and cake don't play well together
Lilly Bean you are an amazing little girl--

you love to play
 in the most free spirited way,
 you make everyone smile no matter the circumstance although you can produce a pout from just a glance!
(And it still seems like this pic was just yesterday!)
 I love getting to be your Mom!

 A good time was had by all!

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